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April 22, 2024 Issue



With a Team-based approach, Nerds On Site and their Mobile Techs are providing complete IT Security & Support to SMEs across North America



Charlie Regan

Capability Expansion Orchestrator






Lynn Fosse, Senior Editor, CEOCFO Magazine, Published April 22, 2024


手机如何上外网 Mr. Regan, what is the vision and focus behind Nerds On Site?

手机如何看youtube I am a firm believer that 85% of your marketing message should be in the name of your company so that it is easily identifiable for the client base that you are after. Even though it is self-explanatory, we are focused as a mobile IT solutions team. Each and every one of our NerdMobiles is our world headquarters. Were focused on being in the client space and not having them come to our space. Our focus is the SME space, the Small and Medium Enterpriser. These are the five to five hundred-person operations, and about 27 to 30 million companies in America are in this SME space. They generate more than 80% of all the new jobs each year. They tend to be started by people of true passion, focus, commitment and mission. Our job is to provide them with the help, the assistance, and even the strategic overview of how to have technology, not just take care of issues today but leverage their efforts for tomorrow. We work to become their actual technology business partner.


CEOCFO: According to your site you are use a team-based approach.   How does that work on a day-to-day basis?

Mr. Regan: Through the years we have used a number of different communication vehicles to ensure that whenever a Nerd, or a project team, are in a client environment, theyre able to reach out and tap the expertise of Nerds around the world. Today, our number-one communication platform is Slack. We have it broken into many channels. It may just be a region of nerds who are tapped, or it may be a nation of nerds. It may be on support issues, on general issues, or it may be on some high-end focus areas for us like VoIP or top end security protocol inside our client environments.


Nerds are able to tap into Slack and literally in moments, have six or seven nerds respond to their circumstance with suggestions on what they do in the same circumstance or what they have tried that has not worked successfully. They communicate regularly, not just with their teammates in their own geographical regions, but Nerds anywhere. With their phone they can start a Zoom meeting and have a virtual interface with others as well through Slack. Nerds are only too happy to provide help and assistance because they know that they needed help and assistance in the past or will need help sometime down the road.


CEOCFO: When you are taking on new Nerds, do they understand the concept or are they somewhat reluctant to show they do not know something? Can you tell when you bring someone on board that they understand the value as you present it?

Mr. Regan: That is a great question. Most of us are hesitant to admit to gaps in our capabilities. The word professional means to seek help, and were looking for true professionals. Were looking for collaborative team players so we do vet applications, and then provide training. First, with a weeklong kickstart program we call Boot-Up, and then give open access to our University of NERDology and a six month access to with thousands of learning modules. Understanding and accepting the fact that no one person can be an expert on everything, we do believe in giving all team members the opportunity for professional and personal development. Also key is to make sure all Nerds realize we have a collegial network of experts at their beck and call. You just have to reach out and ask. Even in our weekly breakfast meetings with our pod leaders, were focused entirely on making sure team members are communing and communicating with ease and without hesitation, so that they do feel safe and secure, and not threatened by asking for the help and assistance of others.


CEOCFO: Would you tell us more how that works?

Mr. Regan: We do have a number of Champion Offerings available inside the company as well. These are highly specialized tailored solution packages which address many Client challenges today. The Nerds can bring in one of the champions in a virtual Zoom session where we can communicate with the Client, or they can just hand off certain elements of the job to these champions who can take it from there. Our process ensures secure and encrypted protocols with all our project team work inside our Clients operations. Client safety and security is priority one.


CEOCFO: What is your range of services?

Mr. Regan: We only market to the SME (Small and Medium Enterprises) community. We do however serve the four demographics in business: residential, SOHO (Single Owner Home Office), SME and Corporate, which our largest client is about 60,000 folks. We can fix a WiFi or printer issue in your home or home office. And we can take care of your entire network operation and become your in-house IT team for your company sourcing, installing and servicing hardware of all sorts, developing tailored work-process software solutions, providing our 24/7/365 Managed Security & Service protocol to ensure network security and reliability. We provide a monthly report on all service activities and status of any projects underway. Our 3P program ensures we drive up the Pleasure, Productivity & Profitability of technology in the lives of our Clients.


CEOCFO: Many companies seem to be gearing towards an MSP situation and Nerds on Site wants to take care of everything people need; why have you chosen a wider strategy?

Mr. Regan: We do have a global Managed Services team which is essential in todays world. We have a high-level security protocol that is tied to ours, which we call a managed security service protocol. Its wonderful to be able to do many things remotely, from a distance, nowadays; but we also know that the trust and relationship in all enterprise dynamics is the most important element for true partnership, so were committed to making certain that our Nerds develop one on one relationships within our Client environments.


We have hundreds of thousands of Client audit results where they speak about their Nerds and the relationship that they have with the project team members and what they count on them for. It is gratifying to read how Clients express their trust, belief and support of their Nerds. Each of our Nerds are committed SMEs themselves, so they know that connections of this sort matter. Business can be done many different ways today, but to be frank, the best business is done eye-to-eye, head-to-head, knee-to-knee, heart-to-heart. One of our oldest taglines inside our company is We dont service computers we serve People, with computers. Were committed to the human engineering aspect of business dynamics.


CEOCFO: 智能电视必装的APP最全宝典!每一款都是神器:2021-10-22 · 新手机买回来都会安一些必备APP,也称之为“基础包”;如今电视也能网上追剧、打游戏、看直播,手机上能做的事,都可众大屏幕上搞定。那么哪些软件合起来才算是电视的“基础包”呢?

手机如何上外网 We tend to start with a full IT audit, that gives us a feel for not just the hardware and software that they have in place, but also their work process, what they do and how they do it. This tends to generate a report that can be up to 80 some odd pages long, but we have an executive summary providing the overview and assigns a red, yellow or green light rating depending on the urgency of the key technology elements. In our initial Client interview we develop a good sense of their business is, what they are looking for, what challenges theyve faced in the past and how they addressed them, and what their true dreamscape looks like. Its our job to make sure that the proper technology support and leverage tools are put in place, so they can reach this dreamscape at a reasonable pace and in a cost-justifiable manner.


CEOCFO: Does the number of companies you engage with, help with strategy?

Mr. Regan: Technology is a fast-moving force. What may be considered best in class today is replaced tomorrow by something new. We facilitate monthly world-wide group team member calls specifically to share the whats new in your neck of the woods, and run regional Tech-Days to keep us abreast of whats now new and better in class. Nerds can share GoodNews reports from the field anytime to showcase discoveries & successes through our IAAN business platform (I Am A Nerd). So there is cross pollination on the tech strategy front across Nerd and Client demographics, yes.


CEOCFO: How do you help a client recognize when they should turn to you?

Mr. Regan: As a rule, people tend to call us when there is a tech fire of some sort. Nerds in our fire-engine red NerdMobiles are there to put the fire out as quickly as possible. Then our concern and commitment going forward is fire prevention for our Clients, so they never have to worry about that kind of fire happening again. The Client may also want to consider some work process time savers or leverage tools that we can put in place. For instance, we work closely with Apple. We have an Apple mobility partnership - the exclusive Mobility Partner Implementation company for the Apple business mobility team in Canada. An example might be a restaurant. It doesnt take a lot to put in some Apple iPads and have a paperless work flow system with everything going back directly to a screen(s) in the kitchen. All the billing and payment process is taken care of with this same device as well.



Mr. Regan: We set up a separate company altogether called Nerds on Site - Cannabis IT. We have helped to generate tech turnkey operations for a number of different players in the retail environment over the years. Cannabis is just coming into its own with respect to the execution of retail operations in many jurisdictions. We set this up only because we have a Client who has experienced incredible challenges in getting their operation up and fluently running profitably. We explained that we help generate turnkey operations on the technology front.


We can come in and provide the tech process protocol and the physical site security protocol, in a turnkey in-the-box solution. We just set this company up so that it is focused clearly on this growth sector alone. In Canada its a multi-billion dollar business already, and it is growing in America as well. Were just putting wheels on it now to make sure that should the industry or players in the industry be looking for some partner for implementation, that we are at the ready and available to take care of that for them.


CEOCFO: What surprised you as Nerds on Site has grown and evolved?

Mr. Regan: 开心手机恢复大师在Mac上恢复苹果手机微信聊天记录的 ...:2021-6-15 · 开心手机恢复大师在Mac上恢复苹果手机微信聊天记录的操作教程 我伔需要先下载开心手机恢复大师软件。 然后我伔将自己的iPhone手机与电脑进行连接,建议使用稳定的数据线连接自己的常用电脑;


CEOCFO: What, if anything, might potential customers or investors miss about Nerds on Site?

Mr. Regan: This SME market space has been our strict focus for more than twenty years. We are pretty good at it. We are recognized by major players in the tech industry as being pretty good at it. Many larger players are attempting to get into this space and finding the dynamic much different than the one that they are experienced with at the F5000 level. Were focused on these remarkably passionate and committed human beings, who have dreams. Our Nerds identify quite closely with those types of enterprisers. Were excited to bring solutions, and excited to get better at telling that part of our story more effectively than we have in the past. Once we win relationship with an SME, we tend to stay and be there for that Client for the long-haul. We dream nonstop about doing more for these critical contributors to enterprise dynamics and more importantly to their families, communities, states/provinces, and nation. They are an essential kind of player out there and were very proud to be working closely with them.



This SME market space has been our strict focus for more than twenty years. We are pretty good at it. We are recognized by major players in the tech industry as being pretty good at it Our Nerds identify quite closely with those types of enterprisers We dream nonstop about doing more for these critical contributors to enterprise dynamics and more importantly to their families, communities, states/provinces, and nation.- Charlie Regan


Nerds on Site



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